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Actarmo’s management team provides decades of management expertise to you. The team has a proven track record in aerosol science, inhaler/nebulizer developments, planning and executing clinical programs as well as successful regulatory filings.

Thomas Weuthen

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is a proven aerosol and inhaler expert, combining scientific, regulatory, market and strategic expertise. He joins Actarmo from Sandoz International.

He was heading several projects for different scopes. His experience expands from CMC and clinical to regulatory and market. He was setting up development and regulatory strategy and participated regularly in meetings with authorities. Thomas evaluated major projects from technical feasibility and commercial viability through to endorsement process and execution.

Thomas laid the ground for his international career during his 8 years at Aeropharm (Sandoz), where he served as project manager for generic dry powder and metered dose inhalers. During this time, Thomas set-up the dry powder inhaler department (development, analytical and manufacturing) and was leading the team to approval of a major product (Airflusal®).

Before his career at Sandoz, Thomas spent several years at Pulmotec and Sofotec where he was involved in different DPI development programs.

Sibylle Welzhofer

Chief Technical Officer

Sibylle brings to Actarmo more than two decades of experience in commercial inhalation product development. Her main expertise is the validation of analytical methods, especially methods for characterization of inhalation products, the validation of manufacturing processes, qualification of GMP equipment and validation of complex computerized systems.

She joins Actarmo from Zentiva Inhalationsprodukte GmbH (a division of Sanofi), where she was head of quality control (according to AMWHV) for the last 10 years. In her former position she was part of the development of a GXDPI product which was approved in several European countries in 2014.

Before that, Sibylle spent three years with Aeropharm (division of Sandoz) where she established a quality control unit for DPI products and implemented the quality management system.

She started her inhalation career at the ratiopharm division Pulmotec in the field of quality control and analytical method development.

Knut Sommerer

Chief Scientific Officer

Knut is a renowned aerosol scientist with more than 20 years of experience. During his professional career Knut dealt with all aspects of aerosol generation and analysis and their behaviour in the respiratory tract. In this scientific area he co-authored 40 more than peer reviewed scientific articles.

He came in contact with all types of inhalation drug products: Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI), pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDI), Soft Mist Inhalers and Nebulizers (Jet, Mesh and Ultrasonic Nebulizer) and gained a vast knowledge in the analytical methods to characterize these products.

In his last position as Senior Director in vitro trials and Head of Manufacturing at Inamed, he successfully implemented a GMP system for manufacturing of radiolabelled IMPs for lung deposition studies and gained the manufacturing authorization for radiolabelling of several inhalation drug products.


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